Dance Chimes

Dance chimes let you play music by moving your feet, running and jumping.

Green Benches

Using climbing plants to create shaded and green peaces to rest and hang out.

Public Boulder Wall

Why not having more public bouldering walls in our parks and recreational areas?

Public Fitness Equipment

Public fitness equipment is usually nothing special and you can find it in most cities in one design or another. But what are the characteristics of good fitness facilities?

Wireless Charging on Public Spaces

Publicly available, free of charge inductive charging points for cell phones are a welcome infrastructure not only for residents, but also for cyclists.

Bike Tube Vending Machines

Even the most prepared cyclists can encounter unexpected punctures or flat tires during their journeys. To address this common issue and support the cycling community, the installation of bike tube vending machines on the streets has emerged as a valuable addition.

Deposit Bottle Drop-off Points

Returnable bottles do not belong in the garbage container! Deposit bottle drop-off points help taking them where they belong.

Free Cargo Bike Sharing

Supplying the cities with goods and at the same time reducing the mass of cars in the inner cities is a problem that can only be solved by means of alternative transport infrastructure - such as a simple and free cargo bike sharing infrastructure

Exhibiting Archeological Finds on Site

We are rarely the first to build anything anywhere. Where we build, others built decades, sometimes centuries ago. It is not uncommon for archaeological remains from a long-forgotten past to come to light during construction work. Why not showing them on site?

Public Juke Boxes

Nowadays, music is available on streaming platforms almost at all times and it is accessible almost everywhere. This is certainly a great luxury which allows access to a wide audience, but can sometimes let us forget that most music is or was connected to places.

Unusual Vending Machines: Regio Box

Who doesn’t know the typical vending machines selling sweets and drinks that you can safely store for months (if not years/decades)? This one is different.

Metro Stations as a Platform for Communication

Metro Stations as a Platform for Communication Metro station Hôtel de Ville in Paris Metro stations are more than just traffic hubs at which people buy a ticket and run for their train. Metro stations are hubs where people come…