Public Fitness Equipment

Public fitness equippment located in a residential district in the city of Alingsås, Sweden

Public fitness equipment is usually nothing special and you can find it in most cities in one design or another. But what are the characteristics of good fitness facilities?

  • Location: In order for the equipment to be used, it should be easily accessible and placed in a quiet location, that is, if possible, right in the residential neighbourhoods.
  • Safety and durability: The equipment must be robust, should not break or rust and should have rounded edges and corners.
  • Instruction: Most fitness equipment is not self-explanatory and on one piece of equipment you can usually do different exercises, which train different muscle groups. This is where instruction is helpful. Fitness facilities in Sweden show how this can be done elegantly. In the town of Alingsås, the various exercises, the degree of difficulty and the muscle groups trained are explained on a board on site. A QR code that can be scanned with the fitness equipment manufacturer’s app takes you straight to more detailed instructions, where you can also watch a video of the exercise.
  • Soft ground: To protect the joints during harder landings, the ground should be soft. This can be achieved, for example, by using rubber floor under the equipment.