Regional Vegetable Distribution through Pick-up Stations

Vegetables, eggs and sausage pick-up station in the city of Halle (Saale), Advokatenweg

Biophilja is the name of a climate-friendly permaculture farm near Halle (Saale) where healthy food is produced prioritizing the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity, soil fertility and landscape diversity.

The products can be purchased in different organic stores throughout the city of Halle, every last Friday of the month directly on the farm or through this interesting system of distribution: vegetables, eggs and sausage can be picked up by the customers themselves from one of several pick-up stations distributed in the city via a weekly subscription box. The system is as straightforward as can be:

Subscribers receive 5-8 varieties of seasonal, regionally grown organic vegetables every Wednesday, at a monthly cost of 52 euros. In addition, there is an option to receive regular deliveries of poultry, goat meat and sausage. Once a subscription has been taken out, customers receive the code for the combination lock that secures the collection box, and can then pick up the box when it suits them in terms of time and location.

In this way, customers support sustainable regional cultivation, obtain regional varieties, minimize the carbon footprint of the vegetables and meat they consume, and enjoy healthy food. For the producers, the system has the advantage that the distribution of goods is simplified, which means there is more time for the actual work in the fields, and the subscription system also gives the producers financial planning security. A win-win situation for everyone.