Urban What?! Urban Sweet Spots!

Do you remember that feeling? You walk through your neighborhood and suddenly you see a detail that surprises you? A place of quality? An installation well thought through that invites you to spend some time there? That eases your life or makes you get in touch with people? An idea so genius, that it’s actually hard to believe that this invention is not yet applied everywhere?

These places are exactly the little gems we are interested in. We document and portrait them and invite you to have a look, to discover ideas that you may haven’t heard of so far and to get inspired.

Urbansweetspots is a source of inspiration not only for decisionmakers and municipalities, but also for individuals who aim to increase the living quality of their urban surrounding, to create places for people and all other sorts of living individuals. All these ideas are collected and presented to you by an interdisciplinary team with background in architecture, urban planning and civil engineering.